February 2011

Google Adds Recipe Search

Google has added Recipe View to its search results, allowing refinements based on factors such as cooking time and ingredients

In A World Of Their Own

Workers who discuss sensitive data in public places are at risk of causing serious data breaches, warns Wendy Goucher

Data Centre World Conference & EXPO

This year Data Centre World, the UK’s largest and fastest growing exhibition and conference for data centre managers, professionals, distributors and channel partners will deliver more than ever before with more sessions, more theatres and more exhibitors.

Over the 2 days of the event you will be able to attend 48 sessions and gain knowledge and insights from some of the industry’s key players

UC Expo

As a show, Unified Communications Expo mirrors the diversity of Unified Communications by bringing together all the key technologies and key people of this rapidly evolving world. Get the answers to all your toughest questions, and practical solutions too.

Desktop PCs Are A Dead Duck

Virtual desktops will make traditional static desktops obsolete says Cameron Sturdevant. It’s time for prevention, not cure

MWC LG showcases new 3D phone

http://www.eweekeurope.co.uk  loved this LG 3D phone demo at Mobile World Congress, mostly for the beaming guy and his pointing finger

MWC HP demos TouchPad tablet running webOS

http://www.eweekeurope.co.uk  got a good look at HP’s forthcoming TouchPad WebOS tablet at Mobile World Congress, together with the Pre 3, which offers a touch-to-share feature using Touchstone technology.

MWC Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is planning to introduce multi-tasking and full integration with Internet Explorer 9 in future updates to its Windows Phone mobile operating system later this year.

MWC Intel demonstrates MeeGo on a tablet

http://www.eweekeurope.co.uk  got a demo of Intel’s MeeGo tablet OS, at Mobile World Congress 2011. It’s still there despite Nokia sidelining it for Windows Phone

MWC RIM demos its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

We saw Research in Motion’s 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook at Mobile World Congress 2011. Is this the business person’s iPad substitute? Drop byhttp://www.eweekeurope.co.uk  for more like this….

Nasdaq Network Breached By Hackers

Attackers have repeatedly penetrated the network that runs the Nasdaq Stock Market over the past year, but as yet have not compromised the trading system

Carbon Taxes Will Drive Outsourcing

The CRC might disappear, but the UK’s energy crisis means you’ll have to tune your data centre’s power, or else get shot of it, says Peter Judge