Apple To Refresh MacBook Pro Range

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Five new MacBook Pro models with upgraded features will reportedly be unveiled by Apple on Thursday

Apple is rumoured to be releasing five updates to its MacBook Pro range later this week, offering better specs and Intel’s ‘Light Peak’ technology, reports have revealed.

The news emerged over the weekend, when technology giant Apple started delaying the shipping times of its MacBook Pro for all online US orders. Instead of the usual 24 hours, the shipping times now vary from three to five business days, according to the App Store.

“Apple usually reserves this kind of across-the-board shipping delay for imminent new product releases,” said rumour site for Apple products Apple Insider.

The five new laptops reportedly include two upgrades to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, another two upgrades to the 15-inch models and one upgrade to the 17-inch. The official announcement is expected from Apple on 24 February.

New MacBook Pro to sport Intel’s Light Peak

Among additional features expected from the product refresh, many are predicting that Intel’s Light Peak technology will make its first appearance on Apple’s upgraded MacBook Pro.

Light Peak is an optical data-transfer technology being developed by Intel, and strongly supported by Apple.

According to Intel, the technology is designed to connect electronic devices to each other, “delivering high bandwidth starting at 10GB per second with the potential ability to scale to 100GB per second over the next decade.”

This connection technology is said to provide a solid alternative to USB 1.0 and 2.0, while hindering USB 3.0 adoption. At 10 GB per second, it allows users to transfer a full-length Blu-Ray movie in less than 30 seconds.

“Light Peak also has the ability to run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect devices such as peripherals, displays, disk drives, docking stations, and more.” said Intel.

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