IT Pros Are Cheapskates When It Comes To Flash Storage In The UK

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Price or performance? UK businesses think cost of flash is still a major factor in implementation as performance-savvy France and US pull ahead

British businesses think that the falling cost of flash storage is just as important as its performance benefits.

Due to this importance placed on getting flash cheaper, the UK has a slower flash adoption rate in its data centres compared to more cash-spanking countries such as France and the US.

These findings come from flash upstart Kaminario, which is quite clearly in the mood for letting buyers aware that it thinks its own flash solutions offer both price and performance.

Slow adopters?

Kaminario said UK IT pros placed falling costs at almost identical importance to performance when it came to flash storage, therefore less than a third of data centres here use flash technology at this stage.

But as costs fall, the IT pros in the UK will start to look more and more at flash solutions.

In fact, the findings from Kaminario, which commissioned the survey of 400 IT decision makers, allude to the importance placed on cost actually falling in the near future.

“It is a positive indication to us that businesses in the UK especially are starting to look at both of these factors equally as we move towards predominately-flash data centres,” said Mick Bradley, Kaminario’s EMEA manager.

Still, unlike the UK, results from France and the US showed that on average the high performance capabilities of all-flash arrays still played a more significant role when it came to choosing a storage solution. What’s more important to you: cost or performance?

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