IBM And ARM Team Up To Tame The IoT

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Combination of platforms will help to analyse the mountains of data created by connected IoT devices

Two of the world’s largest computing companies have announced they are to team up in an attempt to help process the vast amounts of data created by the Internet of Things (IoT).

IBM and ARM will be joining together to help allow analytics devices to deal with large amounts of fast-moving data from IoT devices, with industrial appliances, weather sensors and wearable devices all mooted as ideal applications.

The partnership, the latest in a long line of deals between the two companies, will see an expansion of IBM’s IoT Foundation platform to integrate with devices powered by ARM’s mbed-enabled chips.


data-breachGoing forward, products powered by ARM’S chips will automatically register with the IBM IoT Foundation and connect with IBM analytics services, quickly delivering data to the cloud for prompt analysis.

It will also allow the creation of events that will be able to control equipment or provide users with alerts or other information – such as setting off an alarm on a washing machine if a fault is detected.

“Deploying IoT technology has to be easy, secure and scalable for it to feel like a natural extension of a company’s business,” said Krisztian Flautner, the general manager of ARM’s IoT business.

“By collaborating with IBM, we will deliver the first unified chip-to-cloud, enterprise-class IoT platform. This will empower companies of any size with a productivity tool that can readily transform how they operate, and the services they can offer.”

This ability to build customised solutions for the IoT will give companies a much quicker return on their investment, and also allow them to get more insight into the data being extracted and analysed.

“Since 2008, IBM has helped thousands of customers embrace the Internet of Things — to help cities become smarter, hospitals to transform patient care and financial institutions to improve risk management,” said Pat Toole, general manager, Internet of Things, IBM.

“The IoT is now at an inflection point and it needs the big data expertise of IBM and little data expertise of ARM to ensure it reaches its global potential.”

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