Oracle Reveals Big Data Cloud Platform

Oracle OpenWorld – Big data platform makes getting insights from your big data easier than ever

Oracle has laid out its plans to make big data more useful for your business than ever before with the launch of a new cloud platform.

Made up of four services, the Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data forms part of the company’s PaaS offering, teaming up with a range of other applications to help businesses unlock the secrets of their mountains of data.

Oracle’s cloud currently supports over 70 million users and more than 34 billion transactions each day, running on more than 50,000 devices and more than 800 petabytes of storage in 19 data centres around the world.


oracle“Big data is helping customers address critical areas: improving customer experience, reducing churn, streamlining operations and building Internet of Things applications. We’re already seeing it on-premises where our big data business is growing faster than the market as a whole,” said Thomas Kurian, Oracle President.

“With Oracle’s new Cloud Platform for Big Data, we’re delivering on our promise to enable customers to take advantage of the same technologies on-premises and in the cloud and widening Oracle’s lead in cloud computing.”

The new platform includes Oracle’s Big Data Discovery Cloud Service, which the company says makes it even faster and easier to process and understand the potential in big data.

This allows users to quickly begin analysing their data without the need to deploy complex architectures, learn specialist tools, or rely only on expert resources.

Also included is the Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service, which lets users automate, streamline, and guide the error-prone process of data ingestion, preparation, repair, enrichment, and governance without costly manual intervention. The service also includes a recommendation engine which cuts down hugely on data preparation time and costs.

The rise of big data has been forecast to bring a wide range of improvements to the business world, as companies get a much richer insight to the mountain of information generated every day.

recent survey by CA Technologies found that nine in 10 organisations are experiencing or expect to see, more effective targeted marketing and selling campaigns thanks to using big data, and 88 percent anticipated increased revenue.

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