HPE Teams Up With ABB To Create Industrial IT


HPE DISCOVER: HPE’s enterprise technology and ABB’s industrial smarts will be combined to help businesses make more of their data

HPE is teaming up with industrial technology firm ABB to co-develop and co-market products that combine enterprise IT and industrial systems.

The partners claim this will help businesses in sectors such as manufacturing and utilities to make the most of their data by running analytics and control processes at the edge of the network and by using AI to take automated actions based on these insights.

ABB has a base of more than 70 million connected devices, 70,000 digital control systems and 6,000 software installations and both say it will allow customers to embark on digital transformation and enable Internet of Things (IoT).




“This alliance between two global leaders is unprecedented in terms of breadth and depth, and it will be ground-breaking for the progress of the Industrial Internet of Things,” said Meg Whitman, HPE CEO.

“Together with ABB, we will shape a digital industrial future where everything computes, equipping machines with intelligence to collaborate, allowing plants to flexibly adapt to changing demands, and enabling global supply chains to instantaneously react to incidents. This partnership will create exciting business opportunities for our joint customers.”

“This strategic partnership marks the next level of the digital industrial transformation. Together, we will bring intelligence from cloud-based solutions to on-premises deployments in industrial plants and datacenters for greater uptime, speed and yield,” added ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer.

“ABB and HPE will deliver solutions that span the entire range of computing required by enterprises today, from the edge to the cloud to the core.”

The announcement was made at HPE Discover and comes a week after the news of Meg Whitman’s departure next year was revealed. The event has also seen HPE offer new ‘GreenLake’ private cloud workload packages.

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