Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Can Patch And Adjust Itself

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larry_ellison oracle open world keynote

ORACLE OPENWORLD: Oracle CTO Larry Ellison details self-tuning, self-protecting cloud database and how customers can save money compared to AWS

Oracle claims to have created the world’s first fully autonomous database platform, claiming machine learning will save organisations money, make them productive and protect them against cybersecurity threats and downtime. 

Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, former CEO and current CTO Larry Ellison said Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud would automatically scale, patch and tackle security threats, reducing the need for manual labour and stopping human error. 

“This thing is truly elastic, instantaneously elastic,” he declared. “So you never provision more resource than you need. It really is on-demand computing.” 

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larry_ellison oracle open world keynote

Oracle OpenWorld Day 1 

In his keynote speech, Ellison made a series claims about the performance of the database on the Oracle cloud when compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Whereas AWS can guarantee 99.95 percent reliability, Ellison declared that Oracle’s service agreements would promise 99.995 percent and less than 30 minutes downtime.  

Furthermore, Ellison argued that because customers would use less compute and storage than on AWS, and require less manual labour, they would make significant savings. 

“These are not Oracle went out and made up the most ridiculous demos to make Amazon look bad they could come up with,” he continued. “These are datasets that we actually used for stress testing, and performance testing, and validating our database. 

“Amazon is five to eight times more expensive running the identical workload than the Oracle Autonomous Database. 

“We guarantee you contractually to cut your Amazon bill in half. It’s fairly easy when you’re five to eight times faster. We feel pretty comfortable.” 

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Oracle also detailed updates to its Exadata platform. Exadata X7 promises hardware and software updates that boost performance, capacity, bandwidth and automation. X7 hardware supports the latest Intel Xeon processors and a full rack system has either 1.7PB of disk storage or 720TB of flash storage, alongside a 150 percent increase in Ethernet bandwidth to 25Gbps. 

“Exadata continues to innovate faster than any other database or storage platform,” added Juan head of systems technology at Oracle.  

“Exadata’s scale-out, smart storage architecture was the first to support PCI/NVMe flash in 2014, with Exadata X5, the first to offload database queries to storage and the only platform to deliver in-memory performance from shared storage for OLTP and Analytics.  Exadata is the only database platform to have on-premises, public cloud and Cloud at Customer deployment options.” 

 Oracle OpenWorld continues in San Francisco.

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