May Be With You Says Cloud Pioneer

CloudDatacentreSoftware has been aggressively focused on expanding its cloud-based capabilities as the enterprise shifts its emphasis away from on-premises infrastructure has announced the release of the Free Edition, a stripped-down version of its cloud computing platform for the enterprise. By relying on cloud-based resources, clients can run Websites and build Web applications without an on-premises infrastructure.

Each client utilizing the free version of can deploy their newly built Web applications to up to 100 users. In addition, the free edition gives clients access to one Website with up to 250,000 page views per month, 10 custom objects/custom database tables per user, a sandbox development environment, free online training, and a library of sample applications.

The Free Edition, which will be initially available only in the United States, also includes one custom app; it can be found at this site. Regular pricing begins at $25 (£15) per user per month. Free Edition will enable every company to experience success with cloud computing, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, said in a statement. has been making several additions to its platform.

In May 2009, and Google jointly announced for the Google App Engine, allowing developers to build Web-based applications using cloud-based infrastructure provided by both companies. The application allows developers to develop Web-based applications via real-time cloud computing resources, without needing to rely on on-premises infrastructure streamlining the development process, at least in theory.

Those Web applications will also have the ability to leverage enterprise data present on, as well as its mobile, analytics, security and sharing models. clients can already download integrated applications from’s AppExchange, or else build their own applications via the cloud. has moved aggressively into the cloud computing arena, particularly with regard to the expansion of its SAAS (software-as-a-service) capabilities and its two cloud-based platforms, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

In a March 2009 presentation, Benioff had touted the ability of to rapidly build and deploy Web-based apps.

“We build a multitenant virtual machine that can execute your code,” he said at the time. “You’re writing it in Apex and in our system, and because of that we can build apps five times faster. The real-time workflow and approval have been built directly into the system.”