HPE: Hype Around Cloud And Digital Transformation Is ‘Coming Home’


INTERVIEW: As more companies undergo digital transformation strategies the y hype behind cloud becomes a reality

The hype surrounding cloud computing and digital transformation in enterprises is becoming more of a tangible reality as companies start to adopt and link together new technologies.

According to David Chalmers, chief technologist at HPE, the chatter and marketing missives that surround the concept of companies moving from legacy IT systems to more digital and cloud-based services has earnt its place in the technology and business worlds.

“Digital transformation is a phrase in very common parlance right now, but I think there’s good reasons for that. It is genuinely everywhere; almost every customer I talk to, every organisation we engage with is in some form of their own digital transformation,” he told TechWeekEurope at IP Expo 2016.

“People are now recognising that perhaps the hype of a few years ago that everyone is an IT company is now becoming very true.”

Hype to reality

david-chalmers-hpeThis acceleration of digital transformation doctrines has, according to Chalmers, resulted in all the hype around cloud beginning to become solidified, with many companies now using some form of cloud, mostly in hybrid deployments that mix private and public clouds with on premise servers and infrastructure rather than putting everything into the cloud.

“I think we’ve seen some of the hype around cloud is coming home,” said Chalmers, noting that the next step is for enterprises is to figure out the best type of cloud deployments for their current and future business operations. 

“The challenge for companies is working out what’s the best mixture for them, not just for today but for tomorrow,” he said.  

“It’s about getting that right balance and getting hybrid IT really successful that works for them so they can build in new technologies as they come along and get ahead of the curve, not scramble to keep up all the time.”

Digital transformation appears to be the fuel for new technologies as well, as seen with Microsoft and its championing of responsible artificial intelligence at the centre of its digital transformation vision.

Check out the video above to hear how HPE is working on memory-driven computing as a technology to harness all the data produced as a by-product of digital transformation strategies.

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