VMware: The Term ‘Virtualisation’ Will Die Out

VMware’s EMEA CTO Joe Baguley talks Dell acquisition, startup prospects and what IT buzzwords will die out

The EMEA CTO of VMware believes the term ‘virtualisation’ won’t exist in 2025 because it will be so ubiquitous.

Joe Baguley participated in a panel at IP Expo in London that discussed which IT jargon would be obsolete within a decade and he told TechWeekEurope it was he who proposed virtualisation – despite the fact his firm has made its name creating such technology.

“It was a great session. Virtualisation went in the bin, serverless went in the bin, digital. All manner of things,” he said.

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The death of virtualisation?

joe-baguley-vmware“By 2025, entirely [it will be gone]. I proposed virtualisation to go in the bin and the reason I did is because that by 2025 it will be underneath everything we do. We won’t have long conversations about it. We don’t talk about a carpet, it’s just there, we don’t talk about BIOS in computers because they all have them.”

Baguley also judged a startup competition, his role as CTO and how digital transformation would impact customers and how they will be affected by the takeover of EMC by Dell.

“Digital transformation for us is about talking about the user first and not the data centre,” he said. “That will define their experience.

“The important thing here to understand is that we’re part of the Dell Technologies family but from a functional level, at the VMware level, nothing changes. It just means our majority investor is now Dell, not EMC.

“What it does mean is that we’ll still be very independent … but you’ll see us develop particular synergies with Dell and the rest of the EMC family.”

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