DocuSign Suite Builds On New EU Electronic ID Laws

The company has introduced a platform standardising electronic signatures across the EU

Digital signature specialist DocuSign has introduced a new software suite aimed at taking advantage of regulations set to standardise electronic signature laws across the EU from next month.

The company demonstrated its Standards-Based Signatures platform, which provides signatures complying with EU regulations set to come into force as of 1 July, at a customer conference in London.

New e-identification opportunities

DocusignThe new laws, known as the eIDAS Regulation, standardise rules covering electronic identification and trust services, including e-signatures, electronic seals and website authentication across Europe, with the EU identifying such services as a key factor in its Single Digital Market strategy.

DocuSign argues that electronic signatures can allow companies to automate and manage digital workflows for improved efficiency.

“By leveraging the regulation change that is around the corner, DocuSign is ready to further empower Europe’s digital transformation,” Keith Krach, chairman and chief executive of DocuSign, said.

The new software suite is part of a broader initiative aiming to further develop DocuSign’s presence in Europe, which also includes the completion of data centres in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris, with two more under construction, DocuSign said.

DocuSign’s services have previously been available only via the cloud, but the company said as of this autumn in plans to offer a Hybrid Cloud deployment option that lets organisations deploy the e-signature platform behind their own firewall.

Behind the firewall

The new offering could help organisations who want to implement digital signatures but need to comply with specific regulations or organisational policies, the company added.

“Our latest innovations help EU companies to go fully digital by giving them more choices for their business,”said DocuSign head of product Ron Hirson.

The company also announced the expansion of its partner programme to include Certificate Authorities (CA) and Trust Service Providers (TSPs) and said the xDTM standards body for digital transaction management, of which it is a founding member, has been broadened to include a new European advisory board.

BASF, Linklaters, Olswang and SAP are amongst thew companies who have joined the board, according to DocuSign.


The privately held company, which has raised more than $525 million (£360m) from a wide variety of investors and is reportedly valued at more than $3bn, was thought until recently to be preparing for a flotation, but has seen several high-level executives leave the company in recent weeks.

Krach said last October he planned to step down from his position, but an unnamed appointee, who had initially agreed to take over the role, backed out in March. Last month the company’s chief operating officer, chief human resources officer, chief product officer and chief growth officer reportedly left DocuSign.

Adobe earlier this year introduced Adobe Sign, its own e-signature platform, integrating it with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The company said it is working on supporting e-signatures is Europe and is rolling out new data centers and meeting the legal requirements in the EU in order to take advantage of the opportunities expected to arise when eIDAS comes into effect.

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