Quiz Of The Week: The Wonderful World Of Cloud

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How much do you know about cloud computing? Take our quiz here to see if you know your Stacks from your data centres!

Cirrus, Altocumulus, Cumulonimbus…NO. Not THAT type of cloud.

We’re here to talk cloud COMPUTING! The wonderful, world-changing industry revolution that’s turning the IT world on its head!

cloudOver the past few years, cloud has utterly laid waste to the traditional way of computing and IT.

Almost any service you or your customers consume now will be wholly or partly enabled by cloud. Whether it’s online storage, streaming, or enabling entire businesses to operate globally and instantly, cloud is here and it’s here to stay.

We’ve put together a number of questions for you about cloud, ranging from the ridiculously easy to the notoriously head-scratching. How many will you get correct? There’s no prize, unfortunately, unless you count being a top-notch expert as a prize in itself.

Don’t worry though, if you get stuck you’ll find most of the answers here on TechWeekEurope.

Good luck! Take the quiz here

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