German Data Centres Put NTT Comms On “Good Footing” For Privacy-Concerned Europe

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WATCH: VP Product Strategy at NTT Comms, Len Padilla, answers questions on the firm’s e-shelter purchase, apps in the cloud and SDN

NTT Communications has told TechWeekEurope that data sovereignty played a large part in the firm’s e-shelter purchase earlier this month.

Speaking at Cloud World Forum, NTT Comm’s VP product strategy Len Padilla said: “Data sovereignty is a big, big driver. One of the things we noticed was having a data centre footprint in the UK was, I’d say necessary…but not sufficient.


“It wasn’t everything that we needed for the European business. And now having a really good solid data centre footprint in Continental Europe, in Germany, which is the market that is the most concerned with data privacy puts us on a really good footing.”

TechWeekEurope also quizzed Padilla on NTT Comm’s recent cloud application survey, which looked to investigate which types of apps companies are using in which types of cloud.

“We asked 1500 CIOs about the different kinds of applications they are using in their organisations,” said Padilla. “How many different clouds are they using? What we were looking for was some correlation between the different types of apps and where they end up hosting those apps.”

Find out what Padilla discovered in our video below.