IBM Just Launched A Massive Cloud Offensive


Equinix deal confirmed, IBM’s hybrid cloud to scale up in 2015

IBM has said that it will be pushing its cloud services to 40 cloud centres around the world, including 12 new locations that will service its ever-amassing roster of hybrid cloud customers.

It was earlier this week when the deal between IBM and data centre provider Equinix surfaced, a deal which will push IBM’s cloud into 12 new locations supported by Equinix.

IBM’s global cloud footprint

The new centres further expand IBM’s global cloud footprint which includes facilities in Mumbai, London, Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Toronto, Dallas and Raleigh, N.C., opened this year.

“IBM recognises that businesses and governments need the cloud to help them innovate, grow and operate more efficiently in concert with their existing IT investments,” said Jim Comfort, Equinixgeneral manager of IBM Cloud Services.

“Everything IBM does is designed to help companies transition to the cloud in a responsible way at a pace that best fits their business model and industry.   Just as we helped major organisations transform in each preceding era of IT, IBM now serves as the cloud platform for the enterprise.”

The deal with Equinix, now officially confirmed, also sees an agreement to provide enterprises direct access to the full portfolio of cloud services from SoftLayer via the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Equinix and SoftLayer previously partnered to offer customers direct cloud connection inside Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers via SoftLayer’s Direct Link service, a dedicated network connection.

Sonny Fulkerson, CIO for SoftLayer, said: “SoftLayer has maintained a long-standing commitment to providing advanced network capabilities to the enterprise as part of our core IBMservice offerings. By extending our Direct Link offerings to now include access via the Equinix Cloud Exchange capabilities, we further our goal to improve the flexibility, performance, security and reliability of enterprise connections to SoftLayer.”

$4bn spent

Over the past few weeks, IBM has announced more than $4bn worth of deals for its cloud services, looking to heat the competition with hybrid cloud rivals such as HP and EMC.

In the UK, IBM struck a deal with public transport provider National Express Group to work on a series of cloud-based solutions. National Express will be using mobile technology to provide real-time travel planning, and data analytics to enable ‘better business decision-making’.

“Our work with IBM provides the foundation for our plans to transform the experience of National Expresspassengers when they travel with c2c,” said Ruth Harrison-Wood, Commercial Director for c2c, National Express’ rail division.

“We knew intelligence could be driven from the high volumes of operational and customer data we generate daily. IBM has helped us get a holistic view of operations that will allow us to improve customer satisfaction in multiple areas, including delivering a first in UK rail with national postcode-to-postcode journey planning.”

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