IBM And Equinix To Sign Global Data Centre Deal


New IBM cloud locations to include Mexico City, Tokyo, and Frankfurt

IBM is expanding its cloud operations to 11 more data centres globally following a deal with data centre provider Equinix.

The deal, which will be officially announced on Thursday, sees IBM’s cloud services funneled through new facilities in Mexico City, Tokyo, and Frankfurt, along with a further eight Equinix data centres.

200 ‘IBM-as-a-Service’ offerings

IBM’s relationship with Equinix goes back over a decade, but the new deal sees IBM committing to its continued push into cloud services with added capacity to its cloud marketplace.

IBM can now provide over 200 ‘IBM-as-a-Service’ offerings with a grand figure of 48 IBM cloud sites around the world.

Earlier this year, IBM signed a number of other contracts with European firms, including German airline Lufthansa, to provide infrastructure and cloud services.

“By partnering with IBM in its digital transformation, Lufthansa Group has decided to accelerate the move to new technologies such as cloud computing to optimise efficiency,” said Martina Koederitz, General Manager, IBM Germany.


“The agreement provides Lufthansa constant access to IBM research and development. This will enable Lufthansa to incorporate the latest technology and innovation into the Lufthansa IT infrastructure including strategic areas such as cloud computing, big data analytics or cognitive computing systems like Watson.”

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