BigMachines Updates SaaS Sales Platform


BigMachines is the latest company to help streamline enterprise processes such as quote-generation and complex pricing management through the use of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform

With the economy somewhat stabilised but nonetheless still mired in recession, the impetus is on the enterprise to sell more and sell faster – which is why BigMachines has launched BigMachines 9.2, the new version of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) to streamline the sales-side functionality of businesses.

BigMachines 9.2 relies on that SaaS platform to perform functions ranging from configuring products and managing pricing to generating legal contracts and submitting orders. The new version incorporates expanded mobile approval capabilities, updated CRM integration, and more administration controls than previous versions.

Specifically, the new mobile capabilities allow managers to review and approve price quotes and other data from representatives in the field; administrators and managers can also review the effects of configuration and pricing changes in real time, and view real-time pricing displays.

Data migration has been simplified from earlier versions of the application, while security features have been boosted to allow for more granular tracking and control of widely dispersed teams.

The upgrade comes at no cost to existing customers.

The previous version of the application, BigMachines 9, was released in December 2008 and included features such as a Web 2.0 wizard to define product data and configure the user interface, integration to CRM, ERP and eCommerce systems, Extension Language (BML) libraries, and an “unplugged” option that allowed offline and remote users to utilize certain online capabilities.

In a pattern similar to that of many smaller IT vendors looking to expand their market-share within the cloud-space, BigMachines has taken care to ensure that its offerings ingrate into the CRM and ERP systems of larger companies such as, Oracle and SAP.