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How much do you know about Apple? We mark the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death with a look at his legacy

One year ago today, Steve Jobs died. The most important part of his legacy is, of course, the most valuable publicly quoted company in the world, Apple.

Founded back in 1976, in the heyday of hobbyist microcomputers, Apple stood out for its attention to design, and its ability to offer exactly what users wanted. With the arrival of the Macintosh in 1984, however, the company entered a different league.

Apple: Think Different

Although its fortunes have been famously tied with its founder, Apple struggled along without Steve Jobs for a few years,  having committed the unthinkable act of sacking him.  The story has a happy ending though. In Apple’s darkest hour, Jobs was ready to return.

In recent years, Apple’s story has been of almost continuous success, with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad all becoming iconic devices, while its laptops, servers and desktops continue to command respect and dedication.

More than any other company, Apple has inspired “fans”, who are prepared to queue for days to get hold of new products, and who view its devices as an essential part of their lives.  These are not just gadgets; they partake of the attributes of celebrity.

Many people will be spending a little time today remembering the founder of Apple. We have enjoyed reliving some of the story of the last 36 years – one of the most compelling in the IT world. We hope you do too.

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