Windows 10 Growth Is Slowing

Adoption of Microsoft’s latest operating system hits nearly eight percent, but sees drop compared to previous months

The latest figures have shown that adoption of Windows 10 has risen for the smallest amount since the operating system’s release.

Data from industry observers Netmarketshare estimates that Windows 10 now claims 7.94 percent of the total PC operating system market. This is up from 6.63 percent last month, marking a 1.31 percent increase, however this is less than the growth seen from August to September, which was 1.42 percent.

However even this small growth translates to several million new Windows 10 users, and the number should soon be boosted by mobile and Xbox users being upgraded to the system within the next few months.


vmwareIn terms of Windows market share, Windows 7 still leads the way, operating on 55.71 percent of machines (down 0.82 percent from last month), followed by Windows XP (11.68 percent) and Windows 8.1 (10.68 percent), although both of the latter saw a drop in numbers as users upgraded to the latest software.

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A recent TechWeekEurope poll showed that 75 percent of readers plan to download Windows 10, which has been greeted by a strong critical response.

Microsoft says its mission is to get Windows 10 running on more than one billion devices, while businesses are also being encouraged to upgrade.

The company is reportedly preparing the first major update to Windows 10, codenamed ‘Threshold 2’, for launch later this month, promising a wide range of user interface and software improvements to Windows 10, including updates to some of the most popular apps such as Messaging and Skype.

It will also include the option of coloured title bars for desktop apps, improved context menus, and an extra column of Live Tiles for the Start menu.

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