Three Quarters Of TechWeek Readers Will Upgrade To Windows 10

Our poll finds strong enthusiasm for Windows 10 after lacklustre Windows 8 reception

Three quarters of TechWeekEurope readers plan to upgrade to Windows 10 or have already downloaded the free update, according to the results of our latest poll.

A survey of 2,381 readers showed 51.9 percent would update as soon as they could and another 22.7 percent said they had plans to migrate in the future.

Windows 10 upgrade

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Windows 10 poll chart 2015The findings are a boost for Microsoft, which has seen many businesses skip Windows 8 entirely, preferring the more comfortable surroundings of Windows 7 which had 60 percent market share on the eve of the Windows 10 launch.

Windows 10 has been well received by critics and users but our poll has found that not everyone is convinced. Just over ten percent are undecided, with another 2.5 percent saying they didn’t know whether they would be upgrading. However 7.5 percent said they would definitely not be downloading Windows 10.

The remaining 4.9 percent said they were using another operating system such as Mac OS X, ChromeOS or Linux. It’s unclear whether the good reviews of Windows 10 and Microsoft’s charm offensive might make these respondents jump ship in the future.

For our next poll, we want to know what type of cloud solution you are most interested in. Are you fan of the public, private or hybrid cloud?

Let us know below and if you have any views on the findings of our most recent poll, leave a comment!

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