VMworld 2013: VMware buys Desktop As A Sevice Firm Desktone

VMware cements its ability to host desktops in the cloud by absorbing partner Desktone

VMware has bought desktop as a service (DaaS) specialist Desktone, with whom it has worked for some time.

The product will now be known a Desktone byVMware and the closure of the deal, announced at VMworld EMEA in Barcelona, has been welcomed by VMware partners including Dell, Cisco and NetApp.

Desktops in the cloud

VMware DaaS“They have pioneered this technology, and we have partnered with them,” said Sanjay Poonen, vice president of end user computing at VMware, who claimed the move to desktop as a service is an integral part of the move to cloud.

“With this acquisition, VMware instantly becomes a leading provider of desktop-as-a-service with the opportunity to set the course for the entire industry moving forward while placing VMware ahead of the competition in this category of cloud computing.”

Other partners who have been working with Desktone were also receptive, even though it potentially brings them into conflict with VMware: “We think VMware will bring a huge boost to the relatively unknown Desktone,” said Richard Livanos, end user computing specialist with Dell Services in the UK.

“In the weeks and months ahead, you can continue to expect great things from Desktone as we continue to innovate our mature platform,” said Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone.Customers and partners can also expect to hear from me directly as we execute our plans.”

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