TechWeek Webcast: Choices For The Cloud

TechWeek joins IBM for a special webcast that will help you make the choices which will shape your cloud journey

The cloud is not just a product or service, it’s a radical change to the way you deploy IT. Choosing the cloud will open new opportunities for delivering services within and outside your organisation.

But once you decide to use the cloud, the choices expand further. What kind of cloud, and what provider? What sort of contract and what levels of service can you expect?  Picking a cloud strategy is just the start of a journey,  and our webinar, on 26 March at 3pm UK time, will help you make the choice

The Cloud (c) Melpomene, Shutterstock 2013Choices for the journey

We start from the concrete benefits that the cloud provides, and then outline the choices you need to make as you construct your roadmap, outlining the possible benefits and the pitfalls you must avoid.

In a 40 minute fully-interactive webinar, Frost & Sullivan Director of Consulting, Alexander Michael joins TechWeekEurope Editor Peter Judge and Nigel White from IBM to guide you through the cloud decisions choices which will help you to adapt and survive in the cloud era.

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