Since The NSA Scandal, Where Do You Store Data?

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Now we know the US government’s NSA is looking at public cloud services, do you prefer dedicated hardware?

Our last poll found that the NSA surveillance scandal has damaged the reputations of US companies like Apple and Microsoft. Now we want to know how it has affected your storage decisions.

When you move your data to a hosted solution, you have two choices in essence. Put it on a cloud service, or operate dedicated hardware in a colocation centre. We’ve heard a lot of arguments in favour of the former, where your IT resources are managed for you, and consolidated in a more efficient way. But since Edward Snowden‘s revelations of US surveillance, things have changed.

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Since the world was told that US authorities have access to public cloud servers, the much-derided “server hugger” viewpoint has begun to look sensible to some. They argue that if they have their own dedicated servers, they can be sure that no one is looking at their data without their permission.

For others the price and convenience of public cloud servers, running on shared hardware are indisputable. For these,  the possibility of government snooping is a calculated risk. Or maybe they are fatalistic and convinced that the NSA can get hold of their data wherever they put it, if they want it so badly.

No matter where you stand on the issue, let our poll now whether you like dedicated hosting or cloud hosting on shared servers

Which hosting setup do you trust more to store your sensitive data?

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And how much do you know about the NSA spying story?