Seagate’s EVault Returns WIth Free 100GB Cloud Storage Offer

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EVault offered a similar cloud backup deal in December, the success of which spurred the current offer

EVault, Seagate’s cloud-based backup service, is offering a compelling incentive for new potential customers: 100 free gigabytes of capacity for zero cost.

This is a perfect example of the stiff competition in this corner of the IT storage world: Plenty of services from which to choose – plus unlimited capacity available – equals unusual bargains for users. TechWeek Europe UK’s sister publication eWEEK could find no other company that has offered that much storage for free any time previously.

Second try

The offer, which launched on 7 February and doesn’t have an official close date, is EVault’s second go-round with such a high-level freemium deal.

In December, the company launched its first free 100GB deal for cloud backup. It was the first of its kind, and a lot of people missed out on it due to the holidays and other distractions.

Cloud computing © Sashkin Shutterstock 2012The response to that offer was tremendous, the company said in a blog post, which spurred the second offer.


Here is a list of features included in the free (and paid-for) EVault cloud backup:

  • Protection for up to 100 GB for one Windows File Server
  • Up to three daily backup retentions
  • Easy monitoring from a web-based console
  • Point-and-click recovery
  • Backs up only the changed blocks in new or changed files
  • Deduplication and compression included
  • Government-grade AES encryption
  • Secure top-tier data centre hosting
  • Online support

Seagate, one of the world’s two largest hard-drive manufacturers (WD is the other), acquired EVault in 2006 and changed its name to i365. The parent company continued developing new products, and i365 launched a cloud-based, backup disaster-recovery service in 2011.

Last year, Seagate had a change of heart, dropped the i365 branding, and went back to the better-known EVault name and image.

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Originally published on eWeek.