Samsung Announces NFC Printers And Cloud Print App – CeBIT 2014

Samsung wants to make SMB printing quicker and more secure

Samsung has started off CeBIT in Hannover by announcing two new NFC-enabled printers and a new Cloud print service that aims to make it easier for SMBs to print more easily and securely, especially when using mobile devices.

The colour Xpress C1860 and mono Xpress M2885 promise to bring enterprise-level features, such as volume, speed and security to smaller businesses and are compatible with more devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

“As mobile becomes more central to the everyday working environment, these NFC-enabled printers let SMBs conduct their business seamlessly as well as catering for the growing Bring Your Own Device trend,” explained Mark Ash, UK general manager, print at Samsung.

NFC printers

Samsung Xpress C1860FWBoth the Xpress C1860 and Xpress M2885 are available in print-only or multifunction models, the latter of which can copy, scan and fax in addition to its primary function. Both can print 28 A4 pages a minute in black and white or 18 per minute in colour.

The inclusion of NFC compatibility means users can print documents with a tap of their device, while scanned documents can be sent directly to handsets. Additionally SMB customers without IT departments can easily monitor device information, status and use of consumables, such as paper and ink, something that could only previously be done with a PC.

The printers are compatible with the Samsung Cloud Print application, which includes Samsung Knox features for compatible devices, and even for those without a Knox-enabled smartphone, data is secured through encryption. The application also lets employees choose which printer they want to use and smartphones can be registered through a phone number.

The Android application will be available on Google Play from June, while the iOS version is expected in the second half of 2014.

Samsung launched its first NFC-enabled printer last year and forms part of its plan to focus on the SMB market, which accounts for 61 percent of the business printing sector. Next year it plans to launch a feature which will allow users to share documents across smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs using the Cloud Print app. The Korean manufacturer also plans to launch a cloud platform by 2016, which will allow SMBs to purchase printing products from a single platform.

“The printer will become more than just a piece of hardware that prints documents,” boldly declared Ash. “It will become an essential solution for companies.”

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