Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Set For 4 September Reveal – Report


Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Gear is set to be announced next month

The Samsung Galaxy Gear will reportedly be unveiled next month, as the Korean manufacturer seeks to get its smartwatch to market ahead of Apple.

Samsung has already confirmed the existence of the smartwatch, which will apparently be able to make phone calls, access the Internet and receive emails, while the Galaxy Gear name was revealed in a filing submitted to the US Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) earlier this month.

Bloomberg reported the device will be revealed alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on 4 September, two days before the IFA consumer electronics show begins in Berlin.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung-Galaxy-Watch-Leak-ScreenshotsLittle is known about the specifications of the smartwatch, but it is understood it will not have a flexible OLED display, and will use Google’s Android operating system.

A number of manufacturers are working on smartwatches, the market for which is expected to explode in the near future. Sony has already announced its own Android-powered smartwatch, while Apple is also widely believed to be working on its own competitor, the so-called iWatch.

Apple is understood to have around 100 designers working on the iWatch, believing that wearable technology can satisfy its need for a new product line as the smartphone and tablet markets become increasingly competitive.

However, the new recruits working on the project are not likely to speed up development significantly and iWatch might not be released until late 2014 – something likely to concern investors already worried by Apple’s falling share price.

Speed is also considered important because many in the industry believe the first company to bring a smartwatch to market will have a significant advantage as consumers could be locked into a platform, boosting sales of other products such as smartphones, tablets and televisions.

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