Dell World 2013: Dell Beefs Up Cloud With Red Hat OpenStack Alliance

Michael Dell announces deal with Red Hat to co-develop OpenStack products – and Microsoft and Google tie-ups

Dell and Red Hat will cooperate on a number of enterprise cloud products that combine the PC manufacturer’s infrastructure and the OpenStack platform as part of one of the numerous cloud-focused deals announced at Dell World 2013 in Austin.

The deal was announced by Michael Dell during his keynote speech in the Texan capital, with the Dell CEO promising to build on an existing partnership that has lasted more than 14 years, by being the first OEM for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat OpenStack

Michael Dell Dell World 2013 (1)He said the two firms would jointly contribute code to the OpenStack community and would collaborate on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack 4, which is currently beta, along with a number of other future products, including OpenStack networking and OpenStack telemetry.

“Cloud is the new model for technology,” boasted Dell, who said that only the company named after him would be able to help businesses work across a multi-cloud environment. He said the newly privatised Dell has been building software and services to support the largest public clouds in the world, with Dell Cloud Manager able to control how information moves across 20 different clouds.

To this end, Dell announced a number of other initiatives, including an expansion of its existing deal with Microsoft to provide Azure though the Dell Cloud partner programme, which now also offers the Century Link Cloud’s compute, storage and networking services.

New cloud partnerships

Dell will also offer the Google Cloud Platform and its compute, storage and application services to developers and businesses from early next year and it will also co-develop three new cloud, security and application management services with Accenture, to be released in North America next year and the rest of the world in 2015.

Michael Dell said these latest additions, along with its Dropbox partnership, mean it can offer a wide spectrum of cloud services that separate the company from its rivals.

“When you go with cloud, go Dell,” he said. ““The technology changes, but our commitment to our customers stays the same.”

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