Quiz Of The Week: Windows 10

What do you know about Windows 10? Find out in our quiz!

So Windows 10 has finally been released. Microsoft’s latest attempt to conquer the post-PC, cloud-first world hopes to secure as many machines as possible into its ecosystem, creating the widest possible reach for its services, and for developers too.

Windows 10 is looking beyond the desktop and laptop to tablets, smartphones and even IoT sensors in a “new era” for the operating system.

Windows 10: Five Features You’re Going To Love

windows 10 demoIt’s a huge release for Microsoft, which will be desperate to avoid the negative reception that greeted its predecessor Windows 8, whose half-baked ideas of convergence irked fans of the humble mouse and keyboard.

But how closely have you been following developments? Are you as clued up as you should be, or have you had your head in the sand, running Windows XP on your PC no doubt.

We want to know what you know about Microsoft’s latest operating system, so why not try…

our Windows 10 quiz!


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Will You Be Upgrading To Windows 10?

  • Yes, immediately (52%)
  • Yes, in the future (23%)
  • Undecided (10%)
  • No (8%)
  • I use another operating system (5%)
  • Don't Know (3%)

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Microsoft Launches Windows 10

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