Quiz Of The Week: The Internet Of Things

Internet of things fibre cable circuit board network © asharkyu Shutterstock

See if you score more than your toaster on our Internet of things test!

Everyday items are being connected to the Internet using the so-called Internet of Things. The idea is that smart, networked objects will be able to operate efficiently, improve our lives, and maybe even save the planet.

But we are still a little way from the machine-to-machine Nirvana. There are plenty of exciting flagship projects out there (like the Smart Grid), as well as some embarrassing flops – and then there is the criticism. We’ve got a bit of everything in this week’s Internet of Things quiz. Designed by humans, for humans.

BG Smart MeterInternet of Things… can only get better?

There are seven billion people on earth, and the tech industry wants to make sure we all have at least one smartphone. But connect every vehicle, every electrical device, and every valuable possession, and you are talking about many more smart objects.

Give the networks some autonomy, and you could find that devices turn themselves off when they aren’t being used, and services are available when you need them – or even before you notice you need them.

Of course, there’s a dark side. What happens if network connected devices are attacked? It’s been suggested that disasters could ensue.  And even the efficiency claims of a big project like the Smart Meter roll-out have been called into question.

So, in a year or two, your fridge or your toaster will be answering these questions for you. For now, though…

Try the quiz!

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