Quiz Of The Week: Green Tech

green renewable energy

How good is your relationship with mother Nature?

Technology: is it saving the planet or killing it? That depends on who you ask.

On the one hand, our phones and computers use the planet’s resources, suck power from the grid, and become junk all too quickly, ending up in landfill sites because they just aren’t as new and exciting as the next gadget.

On the other hand, tech offers the hope of making our lives more efficient. Video conferences cut down on travel, while smart meters could turn off wasteful devices.

Green tech experts are working on this from all directions. They are making PCs that use power more efficiently, and finding ways to make data centres use less power – or even generate their own energy. At the same time, smarter transport and clever cities are reducing their fuel demands.

There’s only one thing missing – and that ‘s us. The green tech revolution isn’t going anywhere till people get on. Power is at a premium and knowledge is power. Test your knowledge here.

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