Pebble App Store Finally Comes To Android

pebble steel smartwatch

Updated app lets Android users search, discover and install new ‘watchapps’ to their Pebble

Pebble has announced a new version of its appstore which allows Android users to access and download apps, a month after launching the service for iOS devices.

In a blog post on the company’s site, Pebble apologised for the delay in providing the service to Android users.

“It’s taken a bit longer than expected,” the blog post said, “but we wanted our Android users to enjoy the same seamless and delightful experience we recently provided to Pebblers on iOS.”

Pebble 2New design

The new app also features a revamped user interface design, alongside several new features, including a directory which lets users browse, find, and install the latest “watchapps” for Pebble, as well as the Watchapp locker, which lets users manage the apps they have already installed.

iOS users had been able to use the appstore since early February, giving them access to an initial offer of over 500 apps.  Prior to that, users discovered apps and different displays for their device (called watchfaces) using third party resources.

The Pebble can only have a maximum of eight apps loaded at once, however, so users may need to think hard about what services they want to keep.

Pebble also announced that it had also signed up three major new partners to the Pebble appstore: eBay, Evernote, and Time Warner Cable.

eBay’s app gives users to their eBay Feed through their device, allowing them to browse for products which they can then add to their Watch List before completing the transaction on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

“eBay for Pebble smartwatch is our latest announcement at the forefront of merging commerce and technology” said Steve Yankovich, vice president, innovation and new ventures at eBay Inc. ”eBay is constantly innovating, pivoting and evolving new technologies to build superior customer experiences.”

Evernote’s  app gives users access to Evernote features like Checklists, Reminders, and Notebooks, and allows them to view upcoming reminders and bring up notes.

Lastly, Time Warner Cable’s app allows subscribers to the company’s Intelligent Home scheme to control a variety of smart home functions from their wrists, including controls over in-house security provisions, along with power and light control.

Pebble is one of the major success stories from crowdfunding website Kickstarter, with its manufacturers raising over $10 million (£6.2m) in financial support from users, making it the most successful crowd-funding project in the website’s history. The device began shipping last month, and quickly sold out due to high demand, but can now be purchased for $150 from the company’s website.

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