Open-Source OpenLogic Brings CloudSwing To Rackspace

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Rackspace Hosting’s Cloud Tools programme has been expanded with CloudSwing PaaS stacks

Open-source cloud services provider OpenLogic has announced it has joined the Cloud Tools programme with Rackspace Hosting, enabling CloudSwing to be deployed on the Rackspace Cloud.

Cloud Tools is a showcase site for Rackspace’s strategic partners and independent developers working with the company’s cloud to share tools, applications and services.

Platform showcase

“The Rackspace Cloud and CloudSwing are both built to handle the highly flexible and on-demand environments that enterprises need to deploy in the cloud,” said Ven Shanmugam, senior manager of strategy and corporate development at Rackspace. “We welcome OpenLogic into our Cloud Tools community.”

OpenLogic CloudSwing is a flexible platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud provision that offers cost tracking and complete customisation of technology stacks. The partnership allows Rackspace Cloud customers to use OpenLogic CloudSwing to create their own customised PaaS by deploying preconfigured or customised stacks on top of their Cloud Servers.

“We are excited to expand OpenLogic CloudSwing’s momentum to the Rackspace Cloud customer ecosystem,” said Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing of OpenLogic. “CloudSwing has more than tripled the number of users in the first 60 days. As enterprises look to build customised PaaS environments in the Rackspace Cloud, we anticipate this growth to continue.”

CloudSwing users will be able to manage and monitor applications deployed in the Rackspace Cloud from the CloudSwing Dashboard.

The Rackspace partnership should prove ideal for OpenLogic, which has recently integrated the New Relic Standard Edition cloud application monitoring product into CloudSpace. New Relic allows developers to control how a PaaS implementation behaves down to its finest details and is based on open-source technologies, so CloudSwing is free from the dangers of cloud vendor lock-in.

“Offering New Relic Standard free of charge for complete application monitoring allows CloudSwing to go beyond the server- or instance-level monitoring offered by most cloud providers. New Relic provides all of the key metrics that our CloudSwing customers need to monitor and manage their cloud applications,” said Rod Cope, OpenLogic CTO, in that press release.

Those looking into building PaaS implementations can benefit by the flexibility offered by combining a large host with open-source tools, which also incorporate advance management and monitoring capabilities. Rackspace with CloudSwing and New Relic should deliver the capabilities to get quickly started in the PaaS realm.

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