Northern Ireland Selects HP To Provide Regional IT Services For Health

Four-year £100m Technology Partner framework agreement will deliver key front-line services to enable improved patient care

HP Enterprise Services UK has announced it will help the Business Services Organisation (BSO) support Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) organisations in improving the health and social well-being of 1.7 million people by providing IT services across the region for the next four years.

Key improvements

Under the £100m framework agreement, HP will enable key improvements to front-line services by transforming the regional health data centre infrastructure, refreshing regional services including the GP network and the Patient Administration System infrastructure, extending Northern Ireland’s unique Health & Care Number services and implementing a new regional e-prescribing solution to improve patient safety in relation to drug dispensing.

healthThe Business Services Organisation (BSO) delivers regional ICT services for both primary and secondary care. HSCNI is responsible for the administration and delivery of all health and social care services in Northern Ireland.

David Bingham, Chief Executive, BSO, said: “We were seeking a single technology partner to assist us in streamlining and supporting vital healthcare services for people across Northern Ireland.

“This new agreement gives BSO the opportunity to further develop the services and value for money we can deliver to our customers. We look forward to working with HP to deliver a successful four-year period in health and social care delivery across Northern Ireland.”

HP hopes to deliver the high levels of availability required for clinically-critical and business-critical services. It will also manage multiple partner and SME organisations in the delivery of quality products and services including the regional e-prescribing solution for which HP will provide hardware and software, programme and implementation services and ongoing IT service management.

HP’s design, development, technical assurance and implementation services for ICT infrastructure and applications projects are expected to underpin the next generation of regional health and social care services in Northern Ireland. Healthcare professionals involved in Northern Ireland’s HSC Trusts, Boards and other bodies will be able to access the most up-to-date products and services.

Jackie Crooks, HP Enterprise Services, Northern Ireland, said: “By delivering a broad range of services, applications and infrastructure safely, securely and efficiently, HP will underpin vital work in healthcare in Northern Ireland. HP has a strong track record of providing infrastructure, services and solutions supported by technological innovation to healthcare organisations across the globe.”

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