New Firefox For Android Brings Customised Home Pages

The mobile browser gets unique homepage add-ons, new APIs

Mozilla has launched a new version of Firefox for Android, although it is still classified as a beta.

The latest release offers more personalisation options for the users’ home pages, and APIs that enable developers to create a new class of add-ons that customise those home pages even further.

There’s also instant switching between 54 languages – apparently a feature long requested by users.

image001 - Firefox for AndroidHome pages, but not as you know them

The homepage in Firefox for Android can now display rich content directly from popular websites such as Instagram, Vimeo and Wikipedia.

Users can install new home screen pages the same way they install other add-ons, and see a gallery of different home screen panels in action in a new section on Mozilla’s website.

There are also new APIs that expand the potential of home pages, letting developers create their own versions and essentially transforming the previously unused screen space into a platform for web apps.

Finally, users no longer need to restart the browser to switch languages – they can simply choose between 54 available options, and see the interface change instantly.

Since this is a beta version, Mozilla asks users to provide feedback on the new features and report any bugs they find.

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