Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S For Education And To Take On Chrome OS

Windows 10 Creators Update

Redmond wants to tackle Google’s Chromebooks in schools with Windows 10 S

Microsoft has revealed Windows 10 S, a simplified and secured version of the company’s latest operating system aimed at schools. 

The Redmond company’s latest take on Windows 10 aims to provide an easy platform with support for educational apps aplenty. 

Terry Myerson, vice president of Windows and devices group at Microsoft, noted that the slimmed down operating system is “the soul of today’s Windows”. 

Windows 10 S 

Windows 10 STo keep things secure Windows 10 S will run only apps from the Windows Store and run them in containerised sandboxes, thereby ensuing that the use of apps does not mess with the underlying performances if the operating system. 

Furthermore, if a student tries to download software not authenticated by Microsoft, a pop up blocks access and directs them to similar apps found on the Windows 10 store. Teachers can bypass the security check and load Windows 10 Professional instead, which will allow them to download un-approved security. 

On the productivity side Microsoft will be bringing its Office 365 apps to the Windows Store opening up access to its cloud-based productivity portfolio.  The Edge browser will gain more of a student and teacher focus using Windows 10 S. 

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella noted that the role of Microsoft’s software in the education arena aimed to ensure“technology should help not hinder teacher’s time in the classroom”. 

Alongside support for STEM  (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) software packages, Windows 10 S will come with a free year’s subscriptions to the Minecraft: Education Edition, with the goal of “inspiring students”. 

For IT staff looking to set up PC on Windows 10 S, they can use the Intune for Education app to configure which apps from the Windows Store both teachers and pupils will be able to access. 

Furthermore, USB keys can be rapidly created and handed out to students to enable them to quickly and safely lo into Windows 10 S. 

Microsoft will also be working with the likes of Asus, Samsung, Dell, and HP to create laptops with Windows 10 S for a price of around $189 (£146), that are a form of Windows take on Google’s Chromebooks.

Windows 10 S appears to be part of Microsoft’s ambition to create slim down versions of its operating system as seen with screenshots showing Windows RT as a Chrome OS challenger

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