‘Screenshots’ Show Windows RT Reborn As Chromebook Challenger Windows 10 Cloud

Redmond looks to take on Google in the Chromebook market by rebranding failed Windows RT

Windows 10 Cloud appears to be getting ready to take on Google’s Chrome operating system (OS), as an purported early version of the cloud-powered OS has emergedonline.

An ISO image file of windows 10 Cloud was leaked by Twitter user adguard, who also posted a screenshot of a Window installation process showing the cloud-version of the OS as an option for use with a computer or virtual machine.

Caution is advised for anyone looking to get an early glimpse of Windows 10 Cloud and would be best to make us of a virtual machine rather than set the OS up and running on a local computer.

Windows 10 Cloud to challenge Chrome OS

Windows 10 leakRedmond’s cloud-based take on Windows 10, which already makes significant use of Microsoft’s cloud services, look to be the first step toward the company releasing a laptop that rivals Google’s and its partners’ Chromebooks.

With access to apps limited to the Windows Store and the inability to run apps based on Win32 despite their presence in Microsoft’s online application store, Microsoft appears to be keeping Windows 10 Cloud as lightweight as possible, which would mean it could run smoothly on affordable laptops rather than rely on more powerful portable devices.

Chromebooks have seen solid adoption in places like schools and other organisations where basic tasks such as web browsing, email and word processing are needed in an affordable an easy-to-use package.

So, it is no surprise that Microsoft wants to pursue this market; at the same time offering people a more affordable way to enter its software ecosystem will eventually see more people rely on Micro aft as their go to platform of choice, in spite of the market competition.

For some time Microsoft has been building out the software ecosystem around Widows 10, including a version for its smartphones and for powering smart devices that form the Internet of Things (IoT); which makes it no surprise that it will try and take some market share from Google and the Chromebooks.

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