Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Keyboard With Fingerprint ID Reader

Microsoft keyboard

New keyboard and mouse both boast Bluetooth and wired connectivity for Windows 10 users

Microsoft has released a keyboard that brings the security of Windows Hello to any Windows 10 PC in the form of fingerprint reader

Windows Hello provides users with an alternative to the notoriously insecure password – studies have suggested that more than 80 percent of people use the same password across multiple sites – and offers a secure and convenient ways of unlocking Windows devices.

Now, with the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, users can sign into their PCs and compatible apps using just their finger in a matter of seconds.

Microsoft mouse and keyboard

New hardware

“We want to make sure that everyone running Windows 10 can experience the beautiful relief that comes from letting go of your written Pa55w0Rd5,” said Jennifer Thompson from Microsoft Accessories.

“So we worked to deliver a predictable, intent-driven and simple solution for someone to quickly and securely log into their PC, or authenticate an action.”

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The $129.99 (£98) aluminium keyboard features both Bluetooth 4.0 and a hardwire connection, with a battery that lasts up to four months from a full charge. It has also been built to “maximise accuracy and typing efficiency” and the fingerprint reader is designed to look like a regular key.

Microsoft mouse

Along with the keyboard, Microsoft is also releasing a companion mouse, which will set users back $49.99 (£37) and boasts a metal scroll wheel, wireless Bluetooth and a 12-month battery life.

Microsoft recently boosted the security of Windows 10 with several new features, including improvements to Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) and protection against ransomware.

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