Microsoft Convergence 2015 – ‘We Are In The Empowering Business’, Says Satya Nadella

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Microsoft CEO explains how the company is helping organisations transform the way they work

Satya Nadella has taken to the stage at the company’s annual Convergence event in Atlanta to provide an outline of its targets for the coming future.

Heralding “the dawn of a new generation for business systems”, the Microsoft CEO provided nearly twelve thousand attendees with a full overview of what the company’s future focus will be.

“We as a technology provider are very focused on one single thing,” he said. “Empowering you as individuals and organisations across every vertical and every size of business, and any part of the world, to drive your agenda and do the things you want to do for your business.”

satya nadella keynoteaMake it personal

Nadella explained that Microsoft was looking at three ambitions with its products, each of which is aimed at empowering businesses and individuals.

First, the company is looking to create more personal computing. Following on from the eye-catching reveal of Windows 10, which included a holographic interface, Nadella revealed that Microsoft was looking to create a more natural interface which will eventually allow users to speak to PC and engage with holographic input.

However as consumers increasingly move between multiple devices, mobility is also a crucial factor in Microsoft’s development, Nadella revealed.

“We want to build experiences about the mobility of experience, not the mobility of the device,” he stated, “this needs to be mobility-first.”

Microsoft DelveGet it done

Next, Microsoft is looking to reinvent productivity and business processes. Noting that increasing convergence had meant that many business processes were now bundled in together, Nadella highlighted how new workflows of the enterprise can help a new way of working, helped by services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.

Lastly, Nadella touched on Microsoft’s aim of building a truly intelligent cloud system, and then a rich data platform on top of that which will allow developers to build ‘systems of intelligence’ on top of that.

“We want to have the richness of the cloud infrastructure that accounts for the complexity of different industries,” he said. “We are at the beginning…so we want to build a comprehensive cloud infrastructure that provides flexibility to you.”

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