Kim Dotcom Quits Mega Day Job

Dotcom has lots of other stuff going on, like setting up a political party, so has no time to lead Mega

Kim Dotcom has stepped down as the director of Mega, as he looks forward to a tough battle against extradition to the US and the creation of his own political party.

He stood down at the end of August with little fanfare, only announcing his decision this week, according to a Twitter post.

kim-dotcom-continues-internet-crusade-with-new-super-private-mega-website_hThe  Companies Office in New Zealand confirmed he has been replaced by Hong Kong-based Bonnie Lam.

Dotcom leaves Mega to others

Mega chief executive Vikram Kumar told the New Zealand Herald that Dotcom had resigned “to be able to focus on the extradition case, an upcoming music website, and to build a political party”.

The exuberant entrepreneur has been battling extradition to the US, where he is wanted on copyright infringement and money laundering charges thanks to his old venture Megaupload. Mega was established in January this year, as Dotcom and his colleagues sought to create a privacy-focused cloud storage company.

Earlier this week, Dotcom announced to the world his intention to found a political party to take part in the next New Zealand election, likely to take place towards the end of next year. He also wants to set up Megabox, an online music service.

Bram van der Kolk, whom TechWeekEurope interviewed earlier this year and who is also fighting extradition with long-time associate Dotcom, will continue as a programmer.

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