Quiz Of The Week: iPhone 6 And Apple Watch

Apple made a splash with several announcements this week, but what do you know about its new products and services?

Earlier this week Apple announced two new versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, alongside its new Apple Pay mobile wallet and Apple Watch smartwatch.

Much of the launch had been leaked ahead of time and there were no major surprises, but Apple fanboys and technology fanatics still tuned into the live stream of the event, which for the first time was promoted on Apple’s homepage.

iPhone 6 quiz

Apple Watch (3)It was a nice idea in theory, but poorly executed. Many viewers were subjected to test cards, frequent stoppages and the voices of Apple’s executives were often drowned out by the sound of a foreign translator.

But if you struggled through, or enjoyed TechWeekEurope’s coverage instead, then how about testing your knowledge on the event and the products and services announced by Tim Cook et al?

And remember, if you’re sick of all the Apple fanfare, they haven’t announced any new iPads for a while so it might not be long before the rumour mill and hype train gets going again.

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