IntraLinks Intros Secure Web-Based Courier Service

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IntraLinks’s cloud-based Courier service promises secure sharing of files, recall, and auditing

IntraLinks is doing to document circulation what Adobe Acrobat has done for the PDF world.

IntraLinks Courier is a cloud-based file-sharing service for enterprises that need to keep control and a  close track on files shared with their business partners, customers and suppliers. If a file is accidentally dispatched it can be recalled from the recipient and “shredded”.

Cloud Accesses Stored For A Rainy Day

Being web-based, the application works from any browser and, according to IntraLinks, is as simple as sending an email. Although it is similar to document and file services already available to the consumer market, Courier gives complete control over any information shared and keeps control and an audit trail of each item’s history.

Tony Kender, Intralinks’ executive vice president for global sales, said, “IntraLinks Courier combines the control and security of our existing critical information exchange solutions with the simplicity and ubiquity of email. The result is a secure means for enterprises to share and receive information with business partners without the compliance and data loss risks that come when sending information via email, mail or file transfer services. With IntraLinks Courier, you don’t have to compromise your most valuable assets in order to share information quickly and easily.”

Collaboration is increasing and many documents shared by companies have legal standing in business. Courier is targeting these exchanges but also facilitates allowing access for a fixed time period, unlike sending them as unsecured email attachments or file transfer applications. PDF has provided a method of secure sharing but adds time to the process. It also means there is an original document and a PDF copy in storage.

Courier allows files up to 6GB to be processed and prevents access by unintended recipients and unauthorised forwarding, downloading or printing of a shared file. Apart from browser access, the process can also be controlled through an Outlook plug-in to marry the whole messaging system within a single application interface.

The system is available on a trial basis to show how the process works without any additional hardware.

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