HP Discover 2013: HP Haven Platform Consolidates Big Data Technologies

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Haven combines tech from the likes of Autonomy and Vertica to help businesses with big data

HP has announced Haven, a big data analytics platform that consolidates many of the firm’s technologies from Autonomy, Vertica and others, along with industry initiatives such as Hadoop.

Haven will help businesses capture, store, manage and analyse all types of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, Colin Mahony, vice president and general manager of HP Vertica, said at HP Discover in Las Vegas.

Haven will achieve this by dealing with what HP believes are the main challenges of big data, chiefly volume, the variety of sources, the speed at which data is created and the security risk that this data carries.

HP Haven big data

HP Discover Big Data (1)HP claims that an average of 14.6 petabytes of data is stored at every company, while some industrial machines create 1 terabyte of information every hour. Haven will correlate this data in real time so that businesses can extract meaning from information.

Haven, which stands for Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security and n (for a large number of applications), will allow firms to create new applications that take advantage of this data.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for us here,” said Mahony.“Haven is a platform not a product.”

He added the platform would be flexible and that HP did not want it to be a closed platform. It will work with a private cloud, public cloud or even an appliance.

“We can do that and we are committed to doing that,” he said. “Analytics are embedded in everything we do.”

Mahony also discussed HP Vertica Community Edition, a fully-featured piece of software that lets users analyse up to one terabyte of data free of cost.

“We believe in the openness and this new style of IT,” he said.

HP has also launched HP Operations Manager i for Hadoop and Vertica, which will allow companies to manage big data platforms. Described as “the management cockpit for big data,” the product will provide health about the platforms, which it automatically monitor once they are detected.

Autonomy’s Robert Youngjohns also took the stage to discuss the challenges of big data and reveal information about Controlpoint 4.0, which allows businesses to separate useful data from useless or risky data that can be deleted.

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