Microsoft Adds Dropbox Editing Features To Office

Microsoft and Dropbox agree partnership that allows Office users to edit cloud files on smartphone, tablet and on the web

Microsoft and Dropbox have agreed a deal to integrate Microsoft Office with the cloud storage service, allowing users to open, edit and save files from their storage accounts.

The two partners claim there are 35 billion Office files stored on Dropbox, opening up a range of collaboration possibilities for users, who will be able to access files such from applications like World, Excel and PowerPoint directly from their smartphone, tablet or on the web.

“In our mobile-first and cloud-first world, people need easier ways to create, share and collaborate regardless of their device or platform,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “Together, Microsoft and Dropbox will provide our shared customers with flexible tools that put them at the centre for the way they live and work today.”

Microsoft Office Dropbox

Dropbox Microsoft Office 1Dropbox files can be opened using Office, while they can also be edited directly in the Dropbox application and shared using the service’s sharing functionality. As part of the deal, Dropbox clients will be made available for Windows Phone and Windows tablets in the next few months.

The collaboration features will be included in the next version of the Microsoft Office apps for iOS and Android in the next few weeks before rolling out to the web version in the first half of 2015. All Office users with a Dropbox account will benefit, but Dropbox for Business users will need an Office 365 subscription.

“Our partnership with Microsoft will make it easier than ever to collaborate seamlessly across these platforms, giving people the freedom to get more done,” added Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox.

Dropbox, which has traditionally targeted the consumer market, has turned its attention to the enterprise and will hope that Office 365 integration will strengthen its bid to attract more businesses to the platform.

Microsoft has added a number of collaboration features, such as Office Delve, to Office 365 in recent times and has also agreed a partnership with Dropbox’s rival Box that allows users to open files stored in Box directly from Office applications and share documents using secure links.

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