Cloud Infrastructure Catalogue Refresh For CA

CA revamps product range and adds new software to plan, design, deliver and secure cloud lifecycle

CA Technologies has refreshed its cloud computing infrastructure catalogue with 11 updated products, including its application automation suite and its turnkey-type cloud management platform.

“Enterprises now have a lot of choices in IT structures that include traditional, cloud and hybrid application environments,” Jay Fry, CA’s vice president of marketing for cloud solutions, told eWEEK. “They face a big decision: If and when to move an application to the cloud. Once the decision is made to use cloud, enterprises must then select the right type of cloud – public, private, hybrid – based on the application and its current and future requirements.”

Managing The Cloud Lifecycle

CA supports a lifecycle approach to cloud deployment that includes planning, design, delivery and security, Fry said. These new and updated products fit directly into this strategy, he said.

The updated products, which are available now, include:

Business Service Insight 8.0: Enables companies to determine what cloud services are being used and how they are performing against service level agreements (SLAs), and then compare them with both internal and external alternatives. This helps an organisation reduce the risk of unknown applications and services within their infrastructure, improve performance of services and SLAs, and identify the options that could further optimise the business.

Automation Suite for Data Centres 12.5: Delivers cloud-deployment choice, providing dynamic provisioning, configuration, deployment and elastic scaling of IT services and infrastructure combined with policy-based server automation to maximise business service quality and availability, Fry said.

AppLogic 3.0: Turnkey cloud computing platform allows enterprises to design and deliver virtual business services across private and public clouds. With an intuitive visual interface, enterprises can define infrastructure, provision, deploy and manage applications, as well as monitor operations, using only a browser. With this release, users using VMware ESX and Xen hypervisors can now consolidate applications and services running on multiple hypervisors into a single grid, significantly streamlining delivery of cloud services.

Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0: A new pre-integrated solution to deliver private cloud services. This out-of-the-box package enables rapid, predictable and secure provisioning and delivers cloud infrastructure and critical services designed for hybrid environments, Fry said. It is comprised of CA Server Automation, CA Virtual Automation, CA Process Automation, CA Configuration Automation and CA Service Catalogue.

Virtual Placement Manager 1.0: Helps enterprises design and deliver virtual infrastructure. It brings to market capacity management by automatically solving for optimal workload assignment, predicting future capacity needs and eliminating performance and response time risks while also right-sizing new and existing virtual machines. Users can perform these analyses with both existing and hypothetical infrastructure components.

Additional enhanced products, according to CA, include:

  • Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers 12.5 to help assure application performance across virtual, cloud and traditional IT environments;
  • Identity Manager 12.5 and CA Role & Compliance Manager 12.5 to help secure and control identity and access across virtual, cloud and traditional IT environments.
  • Data Manager 4.3 for designing data centre efficiency;

Automation Suite for Cisco UCS and CA Workload Automation DE 11.3for delivering dynamic service and application automation across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.