Poll: Are You Christmas Shopping On Your Mobile?


Christmas shopping on your phone: are you there yet?

This year increasing numbers of people are doing their Christmas shopping on their mobiles, we are told, while online purchases on all devices including PCs are supposedly taking over from High Street shops. But is this true for TechWeekEurope readers?

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Online commerce has taken off faster in the UK than in any other nation, with the result that the British economy is more dependent on the online sector than any other. It also means that dates relating to online shopping, such as Cyber Tuesday (the last day you can guarantee to get stuff delivered by Christmas), have become more significant.

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There are risks associated with online shopping – such as malware designed to catch out unwary shoppers in a hurry. Other downsides include the fact that online retailers such as Amazon do not pay a great deal of tax, so your savings are arguably stolen from public services.

Given all those factors, we want to know how far you use online services, and whether you use them on a computer or a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

Are you a traditionalist who sticks with real people in shops? Or are you having nothing to do with Christmas – either because you are broke or cynical?

Click the poll below, and we’ll know where you stand.

How did you buy most of your Christmas presents this year?

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