Webinar: Beat The Virtualisation Barrier

IT managers will get help to take full advantage of virtualisation in a TechWeekEurope Webinar on 29 February

The benefits of virtualisation are well-documented, yet many businesses are not fully taking advantage of the improved efficiency that accompanies the transition to the cloud.

Many enterprises have started to make this transition, but get stuck at the 15 to 20 percent ceiling, losing the benefits of more complete virtualisation. What stops them going further? Do they have the necessary skills and resources? Are they worried about the performance of the cloud? Or do they fear virtualised resources may not have the management and planning tools they know from traditional infrastructure?

Free interactive webinar

TechWeekEurope UK and our partners at Dell and Intel may have the answers to overcoming these challenges. We will be hosting a free interactive webinar on Wednesday 29 February that will show business a way towards more complete virtualisation, more efficient IT infrastructure, and a private cloud that can support changing business needs.

Our panel of speakers,  chaired by TechWeekEurope UK editor Peter Judge, includes analyst Clive Longbottom of QuoCirca, as well as Hugh Jenkins, program manager for Dell Next Generation Computing Solutions and Tal Elgar, Intel enterprise technology specialist.

They will explore the factors that are preventing businesses from virtualising more of their key infrastructure and discuss how to run a cloud more efficiently so that time and resources can be devoted to work that has a more immediate business value.

To participate in this event, register here and you can submit your questions and topics of interest so that we can better understand your needs and adapt the debate to suit you.