Quiz Of The Week: Ballmer’s Microsoft Buddies

With Steve Ballmer stepping down, this week’s quiz looks at Microsoft executives old and new!

Since Steve Ballmer announced he will be retiring from Microsoft, speculation over his successor has been feverish. So we’ve taken a look at some of the most charismatic leaders that have worked for the software giant.

There have only been two CEOs in Microsoft’s more-than-thirty year history, and some observers are calling for the return of Bill Gates. Most of the other candidates mentioned so far seem to be past and present Microsoft executives, with Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, the bookie’s favourite as we write.

billgatespaulallenphotoMicrosofties unite?

There are a few complete outsiders in the frame – including Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg – but at the moment, the speculation is mostly focusing on internal candidates.

So, to choose your personal favourite, you will  need to know the difference between London-born boffin Tony Bates (vice president of business strategy) and marketing supremo Tami Reller. You’ll want to know what’s special about Satya Nadella, and how Qi Lu came to be the head of cloud at Microsoft.

And what about those who, like Elop, have gone astray? Do you know the whereabouts of Bob Muglia and Steven Sinofsky – and whether there’s a chance they could be lured back? Don’t forget about software guru Ray Ozzie – maybe he’d like to return to Microsoft’s executive suite?

It could take up to a year before we know for sure who will head up Microsoft. In the meantime, why don’t you

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