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On-demand webcast: 3 Ways to get Real Visibility into your Project Status
Maximising productivity is vital to your organisation’s success. And with that includes a long list of important projects that need your attention. Staying on top of each project’s status can cause a whirlwind of status inquiries, data gathering, and organising reports.
Ready to find a better way? It’s time to get complete visibility into all of your organisation’s projects and fly-by requests that fill up the workday.
Join TechWeekEurope’s Editor Duncan MacRae, Michael Luciano (Director of Quality Assurance at AtTask) and Jasmin Brandt (the Head of PMO at Kneipp) discuss tips and tricks to get real visibility into all of your projects.
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On-demand webcast: The Cloud, the Best Choices for the Journey
You’ve already heard of the benefits the cloud can bring you. You may know the basic cloud approaches you can choose from. But how do you choose?
In a 40 minute fully-interactive webinar, Frost & Sullivan Director of Consulting Alexander Michael joins Peter Judge to guide you through your choices you must make, early on, to adapt and survive in the cloud era.
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On demand webcast: Step into the Cloud: Getting Virtualization into Gear in partnership with Dell and Intel.
Virtualisation is a revolution in the server room. It promises to massively increase utilisation and efficiency by allowing virtual servers, virtual storage, and a pathway to a full private cloud. And yet, research suggests that many businesses get stuck with only some of their servers virtualised. This webcast will tell you how to get through that barrier and get the full benefits of virtualisation. Click here to watch