Live Webcast – 16th Sep 2014 at 3pm GMT

Maximising productivity is vital to your organisation's success. And with that includes a long list of important projects that need your attention. Staying on top of each project's status can cause a whirlwind of status inquiries, data gathering, and organising reports. Often times, this information is hard to find because your staff is tangled in ad hoc work that isn't tracked and others on your team have projects that are stuck in limbo, waiting on key stakeholders' input.

Ready to find a better way? It's time to get complete visibility into all of your organisation's projects and fly-by requests that fill up the workday.

Join us for a live webinar as we discuss tips and tricks to get real visibility into all of your projects. We'll demo a product that offers easy-to-use features that give you the power of real-time status updates without the hassle.

3:00 pm Introduction:
Duncan MacRae, Editor, TechWeekEurope
Why poor project management bogs firms down
3:05 pm Can you see your projects?
AtTask executive Explanation of the issues, flaws in other approaches, benefits of full visibility
3:20 pm How it helped the Head of PMO at Kneipp:
End user CIO A case study and discussion of the opportunities and issues in project management
3:35 pm Q&A and audience responses
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