US Chips Act

Intel To Spend $100bn In US, After Biden’s $20bn Award

Big investment planned for US, after Intel wins nearly $20 billion in loans and funding from Biden Administration

4 months ago

UK Joins EU’s Chip Research Program

UK joins European Union's chip funding research scheme, pledging £35 million for EU's 'Chips Joint Undertaking'

4 months ago

US To Invest $5 Billion In Semiconductor Research

White House confirms $5 billion from US Chips and Science Act will be used for semiconductor research and development

5 months ago

TSMC Further Delays $40 Billion Arizona Chip Fab

Chip manufacturing giant TSMC confirms arrival of second factory in Arizona will be delayed, amid US incentive review

6 months ago

US Commerce Dept To Review Semiconductor Supply Chain

National security move, as the US Commerce Dept says it will launch survey of US semiconductor supply chain

7 months ago

China To Launch $40 Billion State Chip Fund – Report

Sanctions response. New state-backed investment fund is to be launched that seeks to raise $40 billion for China's semiconductor sector

11 months ago

TSMC Delays Production At Arizona Fab, Amid Skills Shortage

Production start at vaunted Arizona chip factory pushed back a year by TSMC, due to shortage of skilled workers

12 months ago

UK Government Unveils Long-Awaited £1 Billion Semiconductor Strategy

Long-awaited government strategy for UK semiconductor strategy unveiled, but some critics argue it is not enough

1 year ago

TSMC Triples Arizona Factory Investment To $40 Billion

President Joe Biden is to visit TSMC chip plant in Arizona after Taiwanese firm prepares to more than triple its…

2 years ago

TSMC Mulls Arizona Factory Expansion – Report

Chip manufacturing goliath TSMC says it could deliver a second facility in Arizona, but has not made a final decision

2 years ago

Tensions With China Pose ‘Serious’ Challenges For Chip Sector, Says TSMC

TSMC chairman admits tensions between Taiwan and the US with China has posed “serious challenges” for chip industry

2 years ago

US Bans Tech Firms From Building Chinese Factories

US Chips and Science Act (Chips). Biden administration tells those receiving federal funding they will not be allowed to invest…

2 years ago

President Biden Signs $53 Billion US Chips Act

President Joe Biden signs landmark bill to encourage chip makers to build more semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the US

2 years ago

TSMC Warns It Will Close Operations If China Invades Taiwan

Chip warning. China's sabre rattling around Taiwan prompts plea from TSMC chairman that “war brings no winners, everybody’s losers”

2 years ago

US Congress Passes $52 Billion Chips Act

No more chip shortage? President Joe Biden can now sign US Chips Act into law after Congress approved funding for…

2 years ago

Intel ‘Playing Politics’ Over Delayed Ohio Chip Factory, Alleges Governor

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine alleges Intel's Ohio factory delay is a negotiating tactic, despite Pat Gelsinger hinting investment could shift…

2 years ago

Intel Signals Delay To Ohio Factory Over US Chips Act Dispute

Chip maker warns new factory in Columbus, Ohio could be delayed or scaled back, over funding delays with the US…

2 years ago

US Senate Approves $52 Billion US Chips Act

One step closer? Senate approves $52 billion in US subsidies to encourage semiconductor manufacturing in the United States

2 years ago