T-Mobile Confirms Hacker Stole Data Of 37 Million Customers

Not again. American mobile operator T-Mobile confirms customer data for 37 million users compromised by hacker

2 years ago

US Judge Approves T-Mobile’s Sprint Acquisition

Appeal by a number of US states that acquisition would violate antitrust laws and raise prices has been overruled by…

4 years ago

T-Mobile Buys Sprint In £19bn Mega-Deal

The deal would give the combined T-Mobile more funds to invest in infrastructure and 5G development

6 years ago

SoftBank Enlists Japanese-Speaking IBM Watson As Profit Falls

IBM to teach Watson Japanese to give a helping hand to Softbank

9 years ago

Google To Launch MVNO Service – Report

Forget search engines? Google reportedly shapes up to be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

10 years ago

SoftBank To Sell Robot In US Stores

Are robots about to emerge from the factory floor and become a part of our everyday life?

10 years ago

US Government Accuses Operator Sprint Of Overcharging For Surveillance

US telco Sprint overcharged the US government £13m for facilitating spying operations such as wiretaps, according to a US Justice…

10 years ago

US Concerns Over Huawei, ZTE Complicate Sprint Merger

A $20.1bn deal between the US' Sprint and Japan's Softbank is facing complications due to the US government's mistrust of…

11 years ago

Sprint To Close Down 2G Nextel Network

US operator Sprint is to close its 2G Nextel network next year as part of its 4G LTE rollout plans

12 years ago

US 4G Network LightSquared Goes Bust

The US 4G network LightSquared has declared bankruptcy but insists Chapter 11 is not the end

12 years ago

Sprint Pulls Out Of LightSquared 4G LTE Deal

US carrier Sprint has annulled its 4G LTE partnership with start-up LightSquared and returned £41m in prepayments

12 years ago

Google To Take A Loss On Its Clearwire Stake

The search giant will get back less than one tenth of the $500 million it sunk in the would-be WiMax…

12 years ago

AT&T Abandons £25bn Bid To Buy T-Mobile USA

The US operator AT&T has ended its bid to acquire T-Mobile USA, a merger that had drawn fire from regulators…

13 years ago

US Operator Mulls Further Investment In WiMax Player

American mobile operator Sprint is reportedly mulling an acquisition of WiMax service provider Clearwire

13 years ago

Google Wallet Mobile Payments Limited Trial In US

Google Wallet will launch in the US to allow users to pay for goods by tapping their phone on a…

13 years ago

WiMax Backer Signals Eventual Jump To LTE Camp

Clearwire, a US wireless ISP who is also a major backer of WiMax plans to jump ship to the LTE…

13 years ago

LTE Adoption Continues With Users Expected To Top 16 Million

The uptake of LTE continues as a new report predicts it will reach 16 million users by the end of…

13 years ago

Double Take On Dual-screen Kyocera Echo Smartphone

Will buyers look twice at Sprint and Kyocera's dual-screen smartphone due to hit the Android market in spring

13 years ago

WiMax Network Spreads To More US Cities

Sprint has extended its WiMax network in the United States to more cities including Denver and Bridgeport

14 years ago

More WiMax Networks Go Live In US

Despite the focus on LTE recently, WiMax continues to expand with new networks going live in major US cities

14 years ago

Sprint Backs WiMAX, But Admits LTE Will Be Bigger

The boss of US mobile operator Sprint has backed the reasons for investing in WiMAX, but admitted that LTE will…

14 years ago